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On August 11, 2022 the Spokane Journal of Business reported on the Spokane business community’s efforts to bolster “its creative thinking and problem-solving skills bullet points this summer in an impressive fashion.”

Spokane JOB also reported:

In the startup sector, an effort is underway to convert farmers and other rural residents with wealth into angel investors.

Headed by Washington State University Spokane’s sp3nw, the early-stage life sciences startup incubator, the initiative is a fresh approach to expanding the breadth of capital options in the region while introducing a new—albeit high risk—investment opportunity to people throughout Eastern Washington.

Whether that initiative will be effective remains to be seen, but that’s likely what we would have said 20-plus years ago when a group of Spokane businesspeople wanted to build an initial system for funding startups.

Back then, there was no one place for new businesses to go for seed money or other rounds of investment. It’s taken decades to build up, but now, the Inland Northwest has an entrepreneurial ecosystem that proponents say would rival any other in a similar-sized city.

The full article “Creative solutions on display in Spokane business sector” here.

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