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SP3NW Portfolio Companies

Creating a bioreactor resulting in faster T-Cell expansion with greater yields.

Pupillometry for early detection of autism; medical device.

We combine AI + Subject Matter Expertise to solve problems, teach others what AI/ML is and how to use it

Re-sensitization of resistant tumors to chemotherapy.

Devices for securing and protecting intravenous lines.

Developing harm reduction treatment resources and training for clinicians.

Technology to help provider decision making to improve patient and user communications and compliance.

Develops decellularized matrices for patient-based cancer drug discovery and drug validation.

Cosmetically appealing solution to conceal a damaged eye or eye socket.

The Pathfinder platform is a people first, community based, outcome driven tool for folks suffering from addiction.

ReCal genetically encoded non-bleaching, non-blinking fluorescent protein probes.

Precision medicine approach to testosterone deficiency and steroid detection forensics.

Remediation of cognitive impairment through neurofeedback.

Wearable biometric device for adults with motor speech disorders.

TECbio provides an environmental toxin test to the integrated health community.

Developing a mattress that reduces challenges related to mobility impairment.

Toxion is committed to the research and understanding of women’s health problems and finding a solution for candidiasis.

Developers of Bystander-Assisted Immuno Therapy: a new treatment for multi drug-resisting cancers.

ILB is an industrial biotechnology company offering innovative technologies, services, and products that promote a bio-economy and support a sustainable future.

Protecting our loved ones from the devastating effects of neurological disorders and cancers.

Using AI-driven data analytics to predict the early onset of pneumonia.

Simple, personalized solutions for patients and families.


Affiliation with sp³nw has offered the support needed to take innovations discovered in my lab and create a pathway for developing real-world solutions.

Georgina LynchPhD, Assistant Professor Co-Founder Appiture Biotechnologies, Inc.

sp³nw provided guidance for grant development, education on the science technology transfer process, and fostered networking opportunities with other researchers and industry experts in science and technology.

Georgina LynchPhD, Assistant Professor Co-Founder Appiture Biotechnologies, Inc.

sp³nw has helped advance my research towards development of biotechnologies for improving patient care.

Lars NeuenschwanderPresident & CEO, Appiture Biotechnologies, Inc.

Being part of the sp³nw community has been invaluable to our company and has created numerous opportunities for our small business startup to work on innovative and impactful concepts.

Bhagwat Prasad and Abdul BasitPrecision Quantomics

Dr. Prestwich has a crucial role in transforming our idea into a start-up. He brings unique academic entrepreneurial expertise, and his encouragement, commitment and resourcefulness have been enormously helpful.

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