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SP3NW Mentor Network

Kristyn Aalto

CEO, Orlance Laboratories; expertise in fund raising as a VC, in clinical research and biotech management, and in economic development

Amit Dhingra, PhD

Director, Entrepreneurial Faculty Ambassadors; horticulture startup serial entrepreneur

Karen Ferguson, MS

Health care executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years of leadership; Practice Administrator at Arthritis Northwest; co-founder/CEO of Discus Analytics

Bruce Gallaher, BSME, MBA

Leads Energy Group that applies Pyrotek’s 60+ years of high temperature materials expertise to clean energy solutions

Joe Harding, PhD

WSU Entrepreneurial Faculty Ambassador, founder M3 Biotechnology (now Athira) with Alzheimer’s drug in Phase III clinical trials

Keith Knapp, PhD

Director of Research at Discus Analytics, LLC

Gavin LaRowe

Business leader and creator of a fast data analytics and data visualization platform, Pushgraph, with easy-to-learn user-interfaces

Marie Mayes, MBA

WSU Entrepreneurial Faculty Ambassador, Director, WSU Center for Entrepreneurship

Brett Nelson

Intellectual Property Attorney with over twenty years of IP experience, chair of Lee & Hayes’ Chemical and Life Science Practice Group

Linda Olson, CPC, CFA

Executive leadership coach assisting leaders of rapidly growing companies reach their goals

Mark Olson, CPC

Executive coach helping dynamic leaders unlock their future

Chip Overstreet

Serial founder, CEO, and SVP with a knack for rapidly building profitable startups

Lisa Shaffer, PhD

Serial entrepreneur with 20 years in human genetics; co-founded and sold Signature Genomics; now, PawPrint Genetics to improve diagnostic testing for inherited diseases of dogs, cats, and birds.

Mark Pond, MLIS

Business research librarian, entrepreneur advisor, and access to Bloomberg terminal

Glenn Prestwich, PhD

Serial entrepreneur, CSO, and consultant in the life sciences; expert witness in intellectual property cases

Katrina Rogers

Helps companies navigate regulatory pathways to get medical products from idea to patient

Jeff Perry, MBA

Professional coaching to help optimize soft skills/leadership and advancement strategies for engineering and software execs.

Rao Talasil, MSEE

Seasoned technology leader with a successful track record of delivering commercial products and outstanding customer success outcomes at Cisco, IBM, and startups in Seattle & Silicon Valley

David J. Vachon, PhD, MBA

Serial founder and CEO of medical device & life sciences technologies with a vision to become the recognized world leader of antimicrobial solutions

Ozgur Yildirim, PhD

An accomplished innovation leader, driven to pioneer highly cross functional initiatives at the intersection of science, engineering and business. Past ventures include Hewlett Packard (HP), Intellectual Ventures (IV) and L’Oreal.

John Overby

Spokane Ignite NW Accelerator Consultant, Coach, Advisor, Mentor, Serial Entrepreneur

Mike Bernard, JD

Consulting, with 30 years of executive experience in firms consulting on state and local taxes. Particular expertise with engaging governmental tax entities, including tax regulatory and policy agencies.

Heather Stratford, MBA

Serial technology company founder. Cybersecurity expert.

Jeff Wiberg, CEO

With over a decade of experience in the healthcare continuum, Jeff possesses over 20 years of business leadership experience in industries ranging from hospitals and health systems to human resources consulting.

Josh King

Managing member of Tinderbox Marketing, Josh takes a hands-on approach to workshops and presentations. Simply put, Josh lives out the Tinderbox Marketing mission of doing his best to leave people in better shape than he found them.