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SP3NW Membership

Company Information Form

If interested in membership, fill out Company Information Form and email to info@sp3nw.org


Welcome to the incubator that provides a Spokane County address and startup wrap-around programs to help you succeed.

Monthly Coaching

Founders stay on track with monthly check-ins to identify early opportunities and navigate issues.

Startup Advisor L&L

Presentations and Q&A with experts in Marketing, Financials, Business Banking, Insurance, Taxes, SBIR/STTR, and Manufacturing

Pitch Practice

Members articulate their value proposition, market, traction, and vision in front of a friendly audience to prepare for competitions and investor engagement.

Founders, Funders & Friends

Life and Health Science Networking events.

Executive Advisor Matching

Experienced C-Suite execs with startup fundraising and exit experience are matched for 5-months with select startups.

Student Consultants

Startups who need a project assist develop a 3-month project charter. SP3NW matches and supports the student consultant.

Design & Engineering Roundtable

NDA’s in place, time for show-and-tell of your early prototype with local designers & engineers who provide insights and guidance

Pathway to Innovation

An invite only topical networking event for innovators to meet business and engineering connections.

WSU Spokane Research Service Centers

Inexpensive, publicly available Flow Cytometry, Biomedical Engineering & Design, Genomics, Histology, Imaging, Mass Spec, Microscopy, NMR, Lab Animal Core.


Program Desk

$ 95

Per Month
  • Mail Service
  • Hot Desk use 5 days/month
  • Conference room scheduling (up to 3 hrs monthly)
  • Programming

Shared DeskRecommended

$ 175

Per Month
  • Mail Service
  • Hot Desk use 10 days/month
  • Conference room scheduling (up to 5 hrs monthly)
  • Programming

Dedicated Desk

$ 350

Per Month
  • Registered Office Address
  • Mail Service
  • Dedicated Desk with storage
  • Conference room scheduling (up to 10 hrs monthly)
  • Programming

Wet Lab

$ 1200

Per Month
  • Mail Service
  • Shared Wet Lab
  • Program Desk – 5 days/month
  • Conference room scheduling (up to 10 hrs monthly)
  • Programming
  • Dedicated Desk Optional (+$250) includes Registered Office Address

Why Eastern WA?

Spokane County is the ONLY location in the state of Washington with SBIR/STTR matching funds of up to $500k (via HSSA) for life science and health science companies headquartered and operating in Spokane County.