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Reduce your committed manufacturing costs by following these best practices in the early design stages.

Innovators often fall in love with the technology, design, and features, features, features of their idea, but end up with a difficult, costly-to-manufacture product.

Presenter, Nick Wilkes, took us on a deep dive into:

  • Best Practices for transitioning from Idea to Product Development to Manufacturing
  • Design for Manufacturability – make it a focus up front – sets the stage for your success
  • Voice of the Customer – is the customer willing to pay for this feature, expense, etc.?

Nick Wilkes works as an account executive with Impact Washington, serving the needs of manufacturers in the Central and Eastern parts of the state in all industry sectors.

The slides from his presentation are available below for viewing and download.

Use the slides to follow along with the recording of Nick’s presentation:

Jessy has managed SP3NW's digital and print communications and outreach since December 2021. She took on meeting the communication needs of the spinoff initiative Evergreen BioScience Innovation in September 2022. She is also earning her Master's in Strategic Communication from Washington State University.

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