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Learn key insights for startup branding and marketing

This presentation will provide a high level overview of ways Washington startups can attract and retain the best talent, even on a limited budget. Just starting out doesn’t mean you can’t attract or retain amazing talent, it just means employers need to think creatively and appeal to interests other than just financial interests of their applicants or employees. Employers also need to be aware of employment laws, and will want to start out their business with the right policies and practices to ensure long term success. We will discuss:

Brand Presence and Narrative Key takeaways:

– What makes a brand: It’s more than the logo. The “voice” and tone questionnaire can help dial in and guide the imaging and messaging

– Elements of branding: These should reflect your mission, vision and values.

– How to promote the brand through your overall messaging: Having a style guide will improve consistency in messaging. Use the tools and templates provided in content development platforms to align content with the Voice questionnaire and overall brand

Speaker Bio:

Tony Baird

After Tony Baird graduated from Eastern Washington University with a B.S. in Business Marketing, he began his career in marketing at KXLY Radio Group. Tony spent 7 years at KXLY writing 1,000+ radio scripts and assisting hundreds of (mostly small to midsize) businesses with their marketing efforts. Tony was then the Marketing and Sales Director for a franchise group with 3 locations across the Northwest. From there, Tony founded The Woodshop, with his business partner Jeremy McGee. Tony now has over 17 years of marketing experience, including experience as a vendor, a client, and now an agency. Tony runs strategic development and budget management of multiple million dollar companies accounts across the United States. Tony has led The Woodshop through multiple award-winning marketing campaigns locally, receiving over 20 Creative and Strategy awards along the way. And Tony was listed as Spokane’s Top 20 Under 40 in 2020.

The slides from this presentation are available below for viewing and download. The video is available via SP3NW’s YouTube Channel.


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