Launch and accelerate your startup with sp³nw

Office Space

sp³nw companies will receive an address with lab and office space in Washington State, and should develop connections to WSU research and core facilities.


sp³nw companies will be based in Spokane County, WA, and will be eligible for federal, state, regional, and local funding opportunities.

Business Planning

sp³nw companies will have access to lean canvas modeling, small business planning, and SBIR/STTR grant writing assistance.

Special Events

sp³nw will routinely host community events focused on life sciences, innovation, and featuring the participating companies at sp³nw and tenants of the Ignite NW buildings.

Affiliate Access

sp³nw companies will have access to over 40 sp³nw affiliates for help in managing their IP, navigating regulatory pathways, developing leadership skills, managing contracts, designing and prototyping products, and much more.

The Roadmap

How do I become a member company of sp³nw?

1. Connect

Contact Glenn or Michaele.

2. Start

- Complete a 360 company and concept "launch readiness assessment"
- Identify unmet company needs (e.g., space, people, business planning, funding) and potential sp³nw solutions

3. Partner

- Negotiate and review sp³nw membership agreement
- Execute membership agreement

4. Pursue

- Begin incorporation (if needed) and website/digital presence creation (if needed)
- Apply for first grants and meet other sp³nw companies, affiliates, and team members

5. Presence

- Secure lease
- Move into sp³nw office and lab space
- Initiate research and product manufacturing

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