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Shorten the fundraising learning curve with Startup Advisor Richard Repp.

Early-stage startups often raise their first round of funding with their family and friends, but soon find they need additional funds. Knowing which funding types are the right fit and how to pursue them is key to advancing to the next stage of business development.

Attorney Richard Repp will walk us through the various stages and types of fundraising, capitalization tables, and more at this next installment of our Startup Advisor Lunch & Learn series.

Speaker Bio:

A partner at Hawley Troxell, Richard Repp represents business clients ranging from start-ups to public companies. He assists public and private clients with raising debt and equity capital from investors, including private offerings for start-up and early-stage businesses. Richard also prepares and negotiates complex licensing, distribution, and service agreements.

A business lawyer with a business background prior to practicing law, Richard lived and worked in Boston, New York, New Jersey, and Copenhagen, Denmark before returning to Spokane to begin his law practice. His full bio is available here: https://www.witherspoonkelley.com/richard-repp.

The slides from his presentation are available below for viewing and download. The recording is also available via YouTube.

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