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Become familiar with tools that reduce the cost, time, and guesswork when researching your product’s market fit.

In the age of information, data is power. Quality data gives startups a powerful advantage in knowing the voice of their customer.

On Wednesday, January 11th, we got an overview of the professional, market and industry research tools accessible FOR FREE, through the Spokane Public Library.

Business Research Librarian, Mark Pond, guided attendees through the platforms that allow them to know their industry and their customers.

Below is a list of the resources Mark shared during his presentation. Many are available from home, and others are accessible through Library wifi or staff assistance.

Speaker Bio

Since 2006, Mark Pond has been the Business Research Librarian at the Spokane Public Library. From 1998 – 2006, Mark worked in a similar capacity for the Seattle Public Library as well as the University of Washington Libraries.

In the course of his work at the Spokane Public Library, Mark has built a world-class collection of freely available business research tools. You can learn more about Mark or connect with him on LinkedIn:


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