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Appiture hopes to land funding for clinical trials

“Spokane startup Appiture is exploring new handheld technology for a fast and noninvasive way to screen for autism spectrum disorder in children.

The idea was born from research by Georgina Lynch, an associate professor in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences in the Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.

Lynch is also an Appiture co-founder and holds the role of scientific adviser within the company.

Lynch says her research explored the use of a physical biomarker known as the pupillary light reflex — or how the pupil grows and shrinks in response to light intensity — and its relation to identifying autism markers. More than 100 families have participated in the research, she adds…”


Read more here: https://www.spokanejournal.com/local-news/spokane-startup-appiture-develops-new-autism-screening-tool/

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