Spokane Facilities Available

sp³nw is located adjacent to the WSU Health Sciences Spokane campus, in Spokane’s University District, home of the iconic Gateway Bridge and three blocks from the Spokane River and the Centennial Trail.  The University District is an innovation “Hub Zone” in eastern Washington State. sp³nw is housed within the Ignite Northwest/WSU Center for Innovation building, 120 N. Pine St., Spokane, WA. WSU’s Applied Sciences Laboratory, specializing in applied Raman spectroscopy and high energy materials, is the largest anchor tenant. Five additional anchor tenants specialize in anti-infective coatings and medical devices (Iasis), hospital asset redistribution (H-Source), ultra-pure graphite and ceramics manufacturing (Pyrotek), and genetic diagnostics (Allele Diagnostics). This building also houses the WSU Center for Innovation, WSU’s Biomedical Design and Engineering Core, local representatives of the Washington State Department of Commerce, the Washington Small Business Development Center, and WSU’s Innovation & Research Engagement Office.

The adjacent WSU Health Sciences campus comprises the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, the College of Nursing, the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the Spokane Academic Center. On campus, core facilities that are available to sp³nw member companies include: (i) flow cytometry, (ii) genomics, (iii) histology, (iv) imaging, (v) mass spectrometry, (vi) microscopy, (vii) nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, (viii) biomedical design and engineering, and (ix) program of laboratory animal resources.

“In The University District, business and education grow together, and sp3nw will help researchers bridge the gaps between lab-based discovery and real-world impact on health care. Companies and innovative products will cross this new virtual bridge just as people cross the Gateway Bridge.”

Lars GilbertsCEO – University District

Pullman Facilities Available

sp³nw Pullman incubator space is located in Section B of the WSU Research and Technology Park. Our lab and office space for startups includes access to amenities such as free conference space, kitchen, breakroom, storage, guest parking and free employee parking. The space is newly remodeled (available March 2021) and optimized for startup growth. Located near the WSU campus beautifully set on the rolling hills of the Palouse this building is home to:

  • ABT 360 LLC (veterinary embryo transfer media)
  • Composite Materials & Engineering Center (building materials and fuels)
  • Klar Scientific (photoluminescence imaging)
  • NuPhY LLC (DNA-verified, true-to-type, disease and virus-free plant material)
  • NW Andrology & Cryobank (fertility preservation)
  • Palouse Conservation district
  • Social & Economic Sciences Research Center
  • Washington Employment Security Dept (workforce engagement).