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Closing the Gap: A Fireside Chat on Health Equity and Policy

November 2 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT

Join MATTER for a conversation with Angela D. Reddix to explore solutions to advance health equity through policy-based solutions.

Anyone who works in healthcare knows that our current system can often seem overly complex and burdened by a never-ending maze of policies and regulations that can slow down change. That’s where ARDX comes in.

Join MATTER as we welcome Angela D. Reddix, founder, CEO and president of ARDX, a leading government health management and technology consulting firm, for a fireside chat on federal policy, health equity and insights gleaned from data collection and analysis. Angela brings in-depth knowledge to working with federal, state and local governments on translating regulatory policy and guidance into digestible information and insights to ensure businesses are able to navigate complex regulatory landscapes to increase access to quality and equitable healthcare.

Angela will sit down with moderator Dima Elissa, founder and CEO of VisMed-3D, for a conversation on ARDX’s insights into improving the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of our healthcare system and their commitment to advancing health equity, expanding access and improving health outcomes.


2:00pm CT | Welcome remarks

2:05pm CT | Discussion

2:45pm CT | Audience Q&A


Angela D. Reddix

Founder, CEO and President of ARDX

ARDX Founder, CEO and President Dr. Angela D. Reddix is a visionary thinker with a global perspective and entrepreneurial drive, which inspires her planning and decision making. Using skills and experience gained early in her career, Dr. Reddix created ARDX as an independent healthcare consulting organization in August of 2006 and incorporated within a few months. Since that time, ARDX has emerged as an award-winning, thriving healthcare management and IT consulting firm with multi-million dollar contracts and more than 125 employees. As a Certified Professional in Health Information Technology and in electronic health records working on highly technical projects for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Angela now serves as a valued key advisor on essential government data management systems and as a consultant on highly-visible health information management programs.

Dr. Reddix’s vision has created an organization that is committed to improving the lives of our most vulnerable populations by enhancing healthcare practices and exercising social responsibility. Angela brings her belief in social responsibility to life by spearheading several community outreach programs each year, such as the Healthcare Academy to combat obesity among youth; an annual Women’s Wellness Celebration to provide women with information about health, wellness and financial wellbeing; the Virginia Healthcare Consortium designed to bring together leaders and advocates from various healthcare and community organizations to discuss social determinants of health and social and cultural competency; and various events to commemorate National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.

As a committed lifelong learner, Angela received her bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from James Madison University, a master’s degree in organizational development with a focus on training from Bowie State University, a graduate certificate in healthcare compliance from The George Washington University, and her Ph.D. in business administration from Oklahoma State University.


Dima Elissa, MBA

Founder and CEO of VisMed3D

Dima Elissa, founder and CEO of VisMed-3D, is a tour de force at the forefront of global healthcare technology. Dima passionately champions women in technology and entrepreneurship through every leadership role she embraces. Dima was selected by Chicago magazine as one of the Top Women in Tech, Chicago Innov’s 50 on Fire and by Chicago Tribune’s BlueSky Vault as one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs in Chicago. Recently, Crain’s Chicago recognized her as a Notable Woman in STEMM. Her clear vision and deep expertise drive equity, innovation and progress in the healthcare sector. As an adjunct faculty member or Entrepreneur-in-residence, teaching entrepreneurship or as an in-demand speaker, she exemplifies her commitment to giving back and paying it forward.

Joining the board of directors at ARDX, a vanguard in health equity advocacy, Dima further solidified her commitment to equitable healthcare. She also co-founded a non-profit, EQuity, STEMM, INNOVATION, and AI, a groundbreaking endeavor to enhance the STEMM student pipeline and amplify opportunities for underrepresented individuals. This mission ensures that students and budding entrepreneurs receive the mentorship, resources and support essential for success in STEM fields. A crowning achievement in Dima’s illustrious career is the Women Physician Health Care Innovation Challenge. Its inception, a first of its kind, is dedicated to promoting women physician entrepreneurs to become more visible and investable.

Dima’s educational background showcases her exceptional qualifications. She holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and an MBA from Texas A&M. Her extensive experience has earned her positions on more than 15 boards, where she has served as a trustee, founding member, advisor and fiduciary. Her strategic insights and visionary leadership are instrumental in shaping the direction of these organizations. With her unwavering dedication and unmatched expertise, Dima Elissa continues to inspire and lead in the ever-evolving world of education, innovation and healthcare.