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On July 14th, 2022 the Spokane Journal Of Business (SJB) published an article featuring SP3NW’s Rural Angel Investment Network (RAIN) program. The headline read “Angels in the Outstretches: Angel investors sought in rural Inland Northwest; WSU, sp3nw hope to attract 70 candidates” and was written by Virginia Thomas.

Both Michaele Armstrong, SP3NW Associate Director, and Laurie Donnell, Program Manager, were quoted in the article. Below are some highlights.

“There are angel conferences that are teaching funds, like Seattle Angel Conference, that have a learn-while-doing aspect, but that requires that people be willing to put in $1,000 for the training and $5,000 for the fund,” Armstrong says. “For a lot of people, if they’re new to the idea, they’re not ready to invest yet, even if it is a training fund. The opportunity that we’re offering is to do that early learning for free.”

“The whole program is to educate and hopefully elevate and create some capital here for our local startups,” Donnell says. “Don’t let the name rural throw you off, because compared to Seattle, Spokane is rural.”

The full article can be read on the SJB website here.

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